Like Waiting For Christmas But Hopefully Coming Round More Frequently!……….

The news that the Exec Head has finally communicated with staff is met with exaggerated enthusiasm!

…When I first came to Sutton I wrote to all of you and promised to try and find ways to update you – I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get started. This is the first of what I intend to be a regular update to you – in them I’ll try and bring you up to speed on things happening across CYPLD, or indeed the Council, that I think are either important for you or that might be of interest. I’d originally tried to do it by drafting newsletters in Word templates – however the Council software is a bit behind the stuff that I’ve got at home – so I had constant niggles trying to go between one and the other.

Instead I’ve decided to blog and try to communicate with you all through that route – you’ll be able to “sign up” to the blogs, so that you’ll then get an e-mail every time I post info to here. There’s a link on the toolbar on your right that you can click and then follow it to sign up to future posts! (Though even if you don’t want to sign up, I’ll let you know when new info is posted to the blog site through e-mails sent out through the Heads of Service).

In addition I’ve set up a connected Twitter account and I’ll post tweets on that which will appear here for those of you who don’t use Twitter – for those of you who do I’ll “publish” these updates to Twitter so it will also let you know whenever I post any new info on here. This isn’t necessarily the ideal solution but it’s the best I can come up with as the likelihood will be I’ll drafting most of my comms with you at home (or on the journey in and out of Sutton) – and as I have the apps I need to use this blogging tool, it will actually make it easier for me to communicate regularly – that’s the theory anyway! (I’ve already got a personal blog that I update fairly often – mainly about books and music – so I’m used to using the software – at least, yet again, that’s the theory!!!!)

There are three things I want to be up front and caution you about from the start. Firstly that word “regular” that I just used – I guess I’m being a little vague on frequency –  just don’t want to promise something I can’t deliver – so in this case ‘regular’ just means as often as I can! Secondly sometimes I’ll get it wrong and will include things you are either not interested in or that aren’t relevant to you – my apologies in advance for that. Finally, where relevant and within limitations, I’ll include my view or perception on something  – therefore if I give a judgement be prepared for the fact that something might not pan out as I think it will!! I just think if I don’t put something of myself into the updates I write they become impersonal and could have been written by anybody with access to my diary! And that leads me to the last point – I’ll tend to personalise updates a little – it’s not because  I am under any illusions about my life being hugely entertaining – it’s just the way I tend to write! So apologies in advance if some it is a little dull and apologies in advance if some of it is EXCEPTIONALLY dull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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