Let’s Hear It For………..

…… I’d mentioned at the time of the staff briefings that I wanted to improve how I recognise the work you do and I said I planned to introduce some sort of ‘Staff Appreciation Awards’ (for  want of a better title). It’s just a way for Jackie, Claudette, Nigel, and I to celebrate what you do, let everyone else know what you do, and say thank you really.

The first staff nominations were made in the last two weeks and so we have invited those staff to the first appreciation event which will be afternoon tea at Whitehall House in CHEAM on December 8th. So without further ado……my congratulations and my thanks to the following staff who were nominated……………………..

Sylvie Bennett….who stepped into the gap in managing our CPD programme for schools and essentially ensured it kept to the same high standards it has always set – without Sylvie it would have been a very different story

Jackie Bulbrook……who provides consistently high quality and wonderfully flexible support and guidance to the management of the pretty complex budgets in our education services

Suzanne Cripps……who has given over 25 years service to Sutton and who was instrumental in the leadership of the first Multi-Agency Locality Team Pilot

Jenny Lambert….who is the Fleet and Finance Officer for the Integrated Services for Young People, based at the Quad in the main. Jenny also has over 25 years service and still manages to be as flexible and helpful as ever….and does it all with a smile!

Rob Murly…..who manages the Joint Adolescent Service and who is another staff member with over 25 years of unwavering commitment to supporting young people in Sutton.

Rebecca Pearse…. who hasn’t been with us as long but has made a positive impact since she joined us as a teacher in our ASD service.

Sara Thomas……who has had a consistent and positive impact on many families in Sutton through her work as a family therapist.

Natalie Tole…..who somehow not only manages our NEET tracker of countless young people up to date but who has also been part of the overall success of our NEET performance in recent years

Nadine Wyatt…. who was instrumental in designing and establishing what I think is a really really good performance management system for Families Matter and early help

I know you are all good at celebrating one anothers’ achievements and consistently good at supporting one another, so I’m sure you’ll join me in congratulating and thanking all of the staff who’ve been nominated for this first round of Staff Appreciation Awards. Mind you, if you want to contact them directly yourself, or leave your specific congrats and well dones more publicly, in the form of a comment here, feel free to do so, using the little box at the top of the post.

I was going to finish this post with a video clip of Cliff Richard singing ‘Congratulations’ – but to be honest it’s so excruciatingly awful I couldn’t bear to listen to it! So instead here’s just a few succinct but absolutely perfect words from a man who I admire, John F Kennedy …………………………………and he was probably a better singer than Cliff too!!!!!!!!!!


Says it all really! Thank you Sylvie…..Jackie…..Suzanne…..Jenny….. Rob…..Rebecca…..Sara…..Natalie…..and Nadine.






2 thoughts on “Let’s Hear It For………..”

  1. Many congratulations to all the people who have been recognised for their hard work and commitment to the service.
    I know many of the people named so I am very pleased for each and every one of them.

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