Unsquashing A Rumour And Unringing A Bell!

Somebody once said “Trying to unsquash a rumour is like trying to unring a bell!”

Well I’m about to try and do it anyway! A number of you may be aware of the story below which appeared this week in the Guardian and which suggested a considerable number of managers are all leaving the Council, including myself.


I know that some of you have enquired whether or not this story is correct so I’ve decided to try and clarify for all of you at the same time. The story is incorrect. I think it is based on the journalist’s interpretation of what technically happens when jobs are merged. Where there are two job descriptions combined, technically, the old separate job descriptions no longer exist. So in this case once the JD’s for my current role and the other Exec Head role in CYPLD are merged, technically my post ceases to exist. It doesn’t however automatically follow that I will be leaving.  In the weeks ahead, the Council will go through due process to decide how they appoint to that merged job description and to any other positions where the job description has been changed. Once that is complete I will let you know.

But in the interim I wanted to clarify that in the light of the press story. I have no plans to go anywhere and at the moment I am focused as you would expect on our priorities, and of course on getting to know the newer areas of CYPLD which have been integrated into our division following the letter about staff changes which you will all have received from Tolis earlier this week!

I won’t tempt fate by assuming the questions were prompted by concern that I might be moving on (!!) and saying that my intention is to “reassure” all of you – but I hope it at least clarifies things and puts the press story into context for you.

So to paraphrase Mark Twain, “Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated!”



The new People Directorate at LBS

First of all, welcome back after the Christmas and New Year break! I hope you all had a good one, with friends and family. I will write more about mine (fevered excitement that will generate!) later this week

But for now, I wanted to let you all know that following a staff consultation, members agreed before Christmas to progress a proposal which will see CYPLD and ASSHH merged into one directorate, which will be known as the People Directorate.

The new Directorate will come into force on April 1st of this year. In advance of that a series of briefings have been arranged for all of you to join colleagues in the rest of CYPLD as well as from ASSHH, so that you can get a clear perspective on the arrangements for the new directorate, and of course how it will operate going forward. I’d expect that most of you will want to attend one of these briefings if you can and I would encourage you all to do so. I’ve noticed that the numbers signed up to date seem low and I think this may be to do with lack of awareness and how the briefings have been advertised – so I thought I’d tell you myself!

There are four sessions for you to choose from:

13 January, 2 – 3 pm in MR1

14 January, 2 – 3 pm in Strawberry Lodge

20 January, 10 – 11am in Salvation Army

27 January, 10 – 11am in Salvation Army

So I hope you will sign up for them as soon as you can – you can sign up through iTrent.

If only they'd booked to attend through iTrent!!!!!!
If only they’d booked to attend through iTrent!!!!!!

More than ever, at times of such considerable change, I think it’s important to try and keep you all informed and up to date. The briefings are of course a key part of that so I hope you will be able to come along to one of them and  I look forward to seeing you there.