Staff Celebration Nominees

…………………..We’ve got the third Education and Early Intervention Staff Celebration Event coming up on the 20th May  – and the staff who have been nominated are listed below.

So firstly my thanks and well done’s to all those nominated on this occasion and secondly I thought that if one of your colleagues is on the list they’d probably be too reserved to tell you – so I thought I should!

For this third event, the nominations include a couple of staff nominated last time but who were unable to attend. So, this time around, the staff nominated were

Julia Cohen in School Attendance

Tracy Bell in Sutton’s Education Business Partnership

bravo and wow

Brian Duffus in Youth Offending Team

Lisa Luff in Families Matter

Lesley Smith in School Exclusions


Catherine Atkinson in SEN

Sharon Godwin in Integrated Services Young Children

Jasmine Swallow in Joint Adolescent Service


Cathy Hoyle in Sutton Family Centre

Tracey McKibbin in Sutton Youth Service

Judith Almeida in School Admissions Service

applause 1


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